The Voice Australia: Season 6, Grand Finale

Season 6 of The Voice Australia has finally come to an end!

First of all – CONGRATULATIONS TO JUDAH KELLY!!!! A little anticlimactic (it wasn’t much of a surprise), but I’m happy nonetheless. Treat him well Universal!

We also had a bunch of incredible performances from the final 4 contestants, including duets with their Coaches, and even two pretty great original songs.

We also got some performances from Katy Perry, Noah Cyrus and Niall Horan. Katy joined the Top 4 singing Chained To The Rhythm, then later performed Swish Swish. Noah Cyrus was introduced by sister and Coach on The Voice U.S. Miley Cyrus before performing her odd country/pop/punk rock hybrid single I’m Stuck. Niall Horan also performed Slow Hands – one of my favourites songs at the moment.

Note: For duets with Coaches, I will only be grading the contestants’ performances.

Let’s get recapping!

Hoseah Partsch | All Of Me – John Legend | Team Boy George


On the most current song he has covered since his Blind Audition, Hoseah gave us a sample of what we might get in a post-show career. The production was really beautiful, with lights adoring the stage. I really enjoyed Hoseah delivering a really intimate vocal on the piano. He gave us some really beautiful, intricate twists and turns in the melody. However, he showed a heretofore unseen issue with clipping the ends of his phrases. Aside from this, I still liked the performance overall. Grade: B+

Lucy Sugerman & Seal | Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds – The Beatles


I thought this song choice was a pretty good one – a quirky ballad that called to mind Lucy’s Blind Audition take on David Bowie’s Space Oddity. There were a few pitch issues on Lucy’s part, and she was drowned out a great deal by Seal and the band. This was pleasant enough, but lackluster, and and wouldn’t have earned her any new fans who will vote for her. Grade: C 

Judah Kelly & Delta | I Was Here – Beyonce


Starting in the depths of their ranges, Judah and Delta drew us in with their quiet approach to the verse. The two, working with dynamics, ramped up the song to a climactic final chorus. I especially loved hearing the grit in Judah’s voice as he reached the top of his range. Their voices blended quite well in the harmony too. Judah really proved himself, going toe-to-toe with one of Australia’s best vocalists, matching her note-for-note with power and accuracy. Grade: A

Fasika Ayallew | When Love Takes Over – David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland | Team Kelly


I really liked the stripped back arrangement in the verse. Fasika really allowed the melody to breathe, and her tone sounded really nice. However, when the arrangement kicked off in the second verse, the performance fell apart for me. The tempo was really awkward; the arrangement didn’t quite go uptempo, so sat in a weird midtempo place. This made the performance feel lethargic, and stripped away the fun of Kelly’s dance track. What’s worse is that Fasika’s delivery and vocal did nothing to make me excited by this performance at all; she didn’t sound bad, just lacklustre. Grade: C+

Hoseah Partsch & Boy George | What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong


This soul classic really played to Hoseah’s innocent, wide-eyed optimism. His vocal sounded really good. The song really brought out the soulfulness in his tone. That being said, this performance was nothing more than pleasant. It wasn’t bad at all, but not really touching or all that exciting. I think they might have done better had they performed a song with a little more emotional heft. For one of Hoseah’s final performances of the season, I was hoping he would go out with more of a bang. Grade: B

Lucy Sugerman | You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift | Team Seal


Of all Taylor Swift songs to give Lucy. Why not Love Story? Or White Horse? Or Everything Has Changed? Or ANY other song from her catalogue. Unfortunately this ‘Little Star’ was outshone by Sonia Kruger’s sequined jumpsuit… I don’t want to pile on this poor girl after all the tweets and criticism Lucy’s received all week from angry viewers of The Voice, so I just won’t say anything more (my mum always says that if you have nothing nice to say, you shouldn’t say it at all). Grade: D

Fasika Ayallew & Kelly | Proud Mary – Ike & Tina Turner


Holy wowzers! Not only did Fasika match Kelly Rowland vocally, but commanded the stage just as well. Fasika proved that she can not only SANGGG, but is a phenomenal showwoman as well. I especially loved that they experimented with dynamics and brought it back down in the middle of the performance. Sure, their interpretation of Proud Mary was really on the nose – right down to the signature Tina Turner fringe outfit and the choreography. But I enjoyed this performance nonetheless, and had plenty of fun watching it. Grade: A

Judah Kelly | Climb Every Mountain from The Sound of Music | Team Delta


After hearing Delta say that she had given Judah this particularly treacly and unexciting song choice, I didn’t know what to expect. But yet again, Judah far exceeded any of my expectations. Everything from his incredible power to his rangey falsetto had me up on my feet and took me all the way to church. I would’ve preferred hearing him on a more bluesy/soulful track (in the vein of Tennessee Whiskey and When We Were Young), his sheer vocal prowess sold me. If this is what he can do with this tired old song, he deserves to win. Grade: A

Side note: seeing the other eliminated contestants, which me wish that they had included a performance with the Top 12 finalists. If they took away some screen time from Sonia (or even from Noah Cyrus or Katy Perry), they would’ve had more than enough time…


Top 2: Hoseah Partsch, Judah Kelly

Eliminated: Fasika Ayallew (3rd place), Lucy Sugerman (4th place)

If you read my predictions yesterday, you would know I had predicted that the Top 2 would be Judah and Fasika. However, I knew Hoseah had a decent shot at making the Top 2 as well. In fact, I’m actually quite happy that Hoseah made it over Fasika, based on his overall body of work. However, I thought that his placement over the last few weeks in the show line up would be detrimental, but this obviously wasn’t enough to override the season-long hype he has received.

Judah Kelly | Count On Me | Team Delta

I really liked this original song – a big improvement over Alfie and Adam’s two singles last year. The edgy, electric guitar-driven track had a nice soul tinge, that complemented Judah’s voice and tone really well. I especially loved the bridge, where Judah brought it back down, showing off his incredible vocal chops. I just wish Judah really went for it in the final chorus and let his vocal soar like we know he can. Grade: A-

Hoseah Partsch | Paper Planes | Team Boy George

This was a really pretty song. Hoseah’s voice flitted around the melody with the beauty and control of a hummingbird. I liked that they gave Hoseah a ballad that really worked well for him – not giving him a weird pop/dance track like Alfie’s Cruel. That being said, in terms of Paper Planes as his first single, I just wish there was more of a hook, or at least some more dynamics – the song could have done with a smidgen more oomph. In terms of the two songs as singles, I slightly prefer Count On Me. However, I enjoyed Hoseah’s vocal on Paper Planes a smidgen more. Grade: A-


Runner-up: Hoseah Partsch

Winner: Judah Kelly

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