The Voice Australia: Season 6 Finale Predictions

The Voice Australia‘s Season 6 finale airs in just under 24 hours. The biggest question going into the final show of the year is: “Who will be the winner?”

iTunes and social media comments are pretty good indicators of how the 4 finalists will end up in tomorrow night’s results. However, there is always the potential of an upset (see: Anja Nissen, Alfie Arcuri, Chris Blue).

Here are my predictions:

  1. Judah Kelly
  2. Fasika Ayallew
  3. Hoseah Partsch
  4. Lucy Sugerman

Let’s break it down.

If I were into gambling, I’d put my money on Judah Kelly as the one to inherit Alfie Arcuri’s crown at the end of tomorrow night’s Grand Finale. Right from his Blind Audition performance of Tennessee Whiskey, he has received a lot of hype from the show. And deservedly so – Judah has an amazing voice, with plenty of soul, range, power and emotion. Even his weakest performances (I’m Not The Only OneIris) have still been nearly as good as other contestants’ best work. At his best (When We Were YoungPurple RainHallelujah), he is unstoppable. Judah even managed to get Hallelujah soaring up the iTunes charts last week, where it peaked at the #3 spot. If that’s not a sign that he will win, I don’t know what is.

I also think that Lucy’s fourth place finish is pretty obvious. Looking at comments on social media, many viewers of the show are displeased that she made it into the finale over Berni and Sarah. While some of her performances have been pretty stellar (Space OddityShe WolfSkinny Love), she has also been really inconsistent, turning in some of my least favourite performances of this season (Don’t Kill My VibeIt’s Oh So Quiet). In the end, I don’t think she has a complete understanding of her own voice yet, and has been the victim of some horrific song choices that have impeded her journey. I almost wish the 15 year old had waited a few more years before she had auditioned (although she probably wouldn’t have been able to benefit from the ‘mature teen’/’old soul’ edit that she’s been getting all season).

I think the more difficult prediction to make is where Hoseah and Fasika will end up in the results. Given my druthers, I would have Hoseah as the runner-up. However, I think Fasika will come in second place, with Hoseah in third. While Hoseah’s highs (Almost Is Never EnoughI Wanna Dance With Somebody) have been slightly higher than Fasika’s (Send My Love (To Your New Lover)Love The Way You Lie), I think that there are a number of factors that will push Fasika over the edge. Firstly, she has had the benefit of a growth edit – viewers love to see contestants improving each week. Hoseah, on the other hand, has performed a more consistent level throughout the competition. Fasika also closed the show last week in the ‘pimp spot’, which is always helpful with votes. The edit she has received also makes me really think she is the pop star that The Voice wants. However, I don’t think anyone stands a chance at winning over Judah.

Join me tomorrow at 7 p.m. to see if these predictions are correct!


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