Following the format from the last few seasons of the Voice U.S., tonight’s Top 10 performance show saw two contestants sent home in a double elimination. I thought Australia did get the Bottom 3 pretty spot on, but I didn’t think the right person made it through with the Instant Save (more on that later). We also saw 2/3 of Delta’s team sent packing. At least she still has Judah?

Tonight, we also saw performances from Hailee Steinfeld and The Voice U.K. (and soon to be The Voice U.S.) Coach Jennifer Hudson. And next week, we get to see the return of Season 5 champion Alfie Arcuri!

Let’s get recapping!

Judah Kelly | I’m Not The Only One – Sam Smith | Team Delta


I was actually kind of scared for a moment when Delta faked us out, saying that she had given Judah ABBA’s Dancing Queen to sing this week. The Sam Smith track she actually picked out was a good song choice for Judah, if not a little on the nose – a current blue-eyed soul hit that really helped his soulful tone shine. However, this was the first time this season where I heard a few pitch issues from him. That being said, when he hits his sweet spot with those glorious upper register notes, his vocal really soars. I also liked hearing a more vulnerable approach to the lyric from him – something that reminded me of his glorious When We Were Young cover. Let’s hope that being in the opening ‘death’ slot won’t affect his chances. Grade: B+

Lucy Sugerman | Don’t Kill My Vibe – Sigrid | Team Seal


First of all, which stylist stuck Lucy in a poor of booty shorts with a massive sequined eye over this poor girl’s nether regions? That wasn’t the only thing wrong with this performance though. I don’t think the song choice did her any favours at all. I think Lucy’s biggest asset is her tone, as well as the quirky ‘old soul teen’ vocal styling the show has made a big deal about. This current uptempo track just wasn’t flattering for her voice – it didn’t really allow her to show off her tone or her dramatic delivery, which she excels at (a la Space OddityShe WolfCandle in the Wind). Likewise, the song’s range meant that she was singing in an awkward part of her voice and she wasn’t powerful enough to compete with the band, which drowned her out. Grade: D

Spencer Jones | Working Class Man – Jimmy Barnes | Team Kelly


The only word I can use to describe this performance is ‘solid’. The vocal was solid, and Spencer’s stage presence was solid. Nothing was wrong with it. But nothing made me particularly excited about his decent bar band cover of Working Class Man. Even when he revved it up towards the end, and let loose a set of insane screams, I was at the very most impressed by his vocal prowess. Aside from the on the nose song choice, I just haven’t been moved  or even surprised by anything Spencer has done so far this season. With his incredible Skyfall Instant Save performance last week, I thought he was onto something. I’m still hoping to hear a ballad, or something more current from Spencer. Grade: C

Sarah Stone | Scared To Be Lonely – Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa | Team Boy George


It’s a good thing that Sarah is showing that she is able to nail current, uptempo tracks just as well as she can sink her teeth into a ballad. Was I excited about Sarah’s performance of this particular song? Not really. But like Seal, I think it’s great that she is showing a lot of versatility. Not alone did she commit well to this electronic pop song, but she had fun and she nailed the vocal as well. It reminded me a little of Robyn – pop music with a good electronic beat, but with plenty of meaning in the lyrics. I would just love to hear a really stripped back performance from her – maybe accompanied by just a guitar or piano singing a song like Mindy Smith’s One Moment More or Jewel’s Foolish Games. Grade: B+

Berni Harrison | Tears Dry Own Their Own – Amy Winehouse | Team Seal


This wasn’t nearly as bad as her disastrous Paloma Faith cover last week. Vocally, her pitch was better and her stage presence was pretty good. However, her tone yet again sounded different. And there wasn’t really an arc to her vocal either – no dynamics, no ebb and flow. I think that came down to the song choice, though. I agree with Delta, in that Berni’s tone in her lower register is much more pleasing to the ear than the more affected and strident sounding parts of her voice. With George’s comments on ‘wearing your influences’, I agree and disagree. I understand that everyone has their influences and shouldn’t be afraid to pay homage to them. However, I think Berni’s issue is that she doesn’t seem to have a clear sense of her own artistry that’s distinct from other artists. I guess that’s what The Voice is also for though – finding yourself as an artist, not just showing the artist you already are. Grade: C

Tim Conlon | Wonderwall – Oasis | Team Delta


There were things I loved about Tim’s performance and things I don’t love so much. I enjoyed hear Tim on a more stripped back performance. It felt really intimate, and his tone sounded magnificent. I also liked that he had a genuine connection to the song. I just don’t think the stoner alternative kind of song choices (Sign Of The TimesWonderwall) really work for him – I agree with Boy George that he needed a little more edge to pull it off. However, my biggest issue was his pitch. Tim was hella pitchy throughout this performance. But I think the Coaches are beyond critiquing contestants on singing in tune… Grade: D

Fasika Ayallew | Love The Way You Lie –  Skylar Grey/Rihanna| Team Kelly 


I thought this was a great song choice for her – I mentioned last week that she was overdue to show an emotional side. Her tone worked to great effect on this ballad, and her phrasing was exquisite. I especially loved her use of falsetto to bring texture and dynamics to her vocal. I just wish that the band hadn’t come in. The heavy drums felt a little clunky and detracted from her beautiful performance. However, she rose to the occasion and threw in a few melodic changes that saw her soaring as she sung up the octave, showing a tonne of power. She also looked beautiful in that dress, and the smoke on the stage helped Fasika’s performance out too. Grade: A-

Claire Howell | Stay – Zedd ft. Alessia Cara | Team Delta


I really enjoyed the opening verse of Claire’s performance, and I thought she was onto something special. Her breathy falsetto sounded really lovely and she seemed to have a good connection to the lyrics. However, the performance kind of fell apart as the electronic parts of the arrangement came in. Claire struggled to keep up with the cadence. It also sounded like it sat in an awkward place in her voice, as she would transition clunkily between belting and using her falsetto in the chorus. The electronic arrangement also clashed with the stagecraft and her styling (she did look great though). Grade: B-

Rennie Adams | True Colours – Cyndi Lauper | Team Seal


After a bit of a shaky start pitch-wise, Rennie recovered well and delivered another amazing performance. His delivery was really intimate, and his emotional connection was really clear. The stripped back arrangement allowed him to showcase his beautiful tone. His sense of dynamics was also really good – he didn’t floor it towards the end when he could have, but instead brought it back down. Rennie also knows how to smeyes into the camera, which doesn’t hurt anyone. Grade: A-

Hoseah Partsch | I Wish – Stevie Wonder | Team Boy George


I liked seeing Hoseah getting the chance to work the stage on an uptempo track. His vocal control never suffered, even when the battery pack of his in ear monitor fell out. He committed well to the fun Stevie Wonder song. The performance overall was pretty good. However, I can’t help but think that his song choices have been aging him. I would like him to revisit his Blind Audition take on Almost Is Never Enough, and strip back a current pop track. These old soul song and 80s ballad song choices aren’t terribly exciting, nor help his chances at a good post-show career. Grade: B+


Claire Howell | Secret Love Song – Little Mix

I thought this was a perfect song choice – it’s dramatic and gives Claire a chance to show off her vocal chops. And she did give us lots of power. However, she was consistently sharp in the chorus, and her emotional connection was offputtingly over the top. Grade: C

Berni Harrison | Never Tear Us Apart – INXS

There’s nothing else that I can say about Berni that I haven’t said before. Her vocal control was decent, but her tone wasn’t pleasing to the ear. And the odd song choice did her no favours – why of all songs in history she could’ve picked for an Instant Save, did she pick Never Tear Us Apart? Grade: C

Tim Conlon | Ex’s & Oh’s – Elle King

To my surprise, this was Tim’s best performance so far. While it probably wasn’t the best moment to decide to show a ‘fun’ side, it worked out well for him. His tone worked really well on the song, and I loved hearing a little grit creeping into his voice. He also showcased really solid pitch. Grade: A-

(Also did anyone notice Delta pulling up her phone to vote? She had two contestants performing for the Instant Save. I wonder who she picked…)

Saved: Berni Harrison