Apart from one or two disasters tonight (described below in depth), I thought everyone did a really incredible job. It was also great to hear some contestants improving with each performance, or recover from their stumbles last week. So overall, a much better performance show than last week’s Top 12 show.

Also, The Voice Australia has been renewed for Season 7! So you’ll see me around to recap again next year.

Let’s get recapping!

Hoseah Partsch | Everybody’s Free – Rozalla | Team Boy George


The gospel arrangement of this dance track was pretty genius. Slowed down, the arrangement allowed the lyrics to be put at the forefront of the performance. It also gave Hoseah the platform to really sing. He effortlessly navigated the melody, his voice swooping through different runs and ad libs like a hawk flying through a forest (okay that comparison was a little bit heavy-handed). Hoseah’s pitch was spot on, as was his connection to the song. His gorgeous tone sounded as soulful as ever, which was really emphasized by the gospel-tinged reworking of the song. Grade: A

Claire Howell | Symphony – Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson | Team Delta


This was a huge improvement on her Into You debacle last week. I think that avoiding the straightforward electronic arrangement of the song was a good idea; the softer rearrangement was more flattering for Claire’s voice. Her vocal control benefited as well. But in some places, she seemed to push her voice unnecessarily hard to show some sort of emotion or passion. As a result, she sounded a bit strained in the higher parts of the song. Grade: B-

Rennie Adams | Way Down We Go – Kaleo | Team Seal


I’ve never heard this song before, but I think it was perfect for Rennie. The almost swampy vibe of the track allowed him to show off the bluesy parts of his voice. From his falsetto to his powerful belt, he managed to show off the control he has over every facet of his voice. His incredible range was complemented perfectly by his husky tone. Rennie has returned to his former glory. Grade: A+

Bojesse Pigram | Waves – Dean Lewis | Team Kelly


This song choice was a much better one for Bojesse. It was a big improvement over last week. He had some pitch issues at the start, but he brought some passion that has been lacking in his delivery thus far. I loved hearing some grit in his vocal.  I think this is more in line with the artist he has presented himself as thus far. Still, I need to hear more vocal control from him before I’m fully on board. Grade: B

Judah Kelly | Chains – Tina Arena | Team Delta


I understand pushing someone out of their comfort zone. But with this song? On paper, I thought it’d be a disaster. But yet again, Judah’s sheer vocal beastery (yes, I just made up a word) completely sold me. He captured the conversational quality of the verse really well. He held out a really impressive extended glissando. Judah really kicked into gear in his upper register. He showed tonnes of passion and power, singing like a preacher testifying the gospel. Grade: A

Lucy Sugerman | Candle In The Wind – Elton John | Team Seal


There were things I loved in this performance. Her vocal control was excellent, and the reverb really assisted her tone. There was something beautifully intimate about her delivery as well. Yet, there were parts of her delivery that I didn’t quite enjoy. I’m not particularly sure her emotional connection was 100% genuine. Her delivery was overly dramatic in some places, then she would smile randomly. In the end, I think it comes down to her youth. Grade: B

Spencer Jones | Chain Of Fools – Aretha Franklin | Team Kelly


Spencer had some heretofore unseen pitch issues in the first verse. He fiddled a little with his ear-in monitors, so it might have been some sound issue. The arrangement didn’t really go anywhere either, nor did the song choice do him any favours in showing him as a current artist. But some of the problems with this performance were with Spencer’s vocal as well. He had some problems with his lower register, which frequently dropped out of sound whenever the melody dipped below a belt. He did shine, however, when he got to sing in his upper register. Grade: C-

Tim Conlon | Hold Back The River – James Bay | Team Delta


I really appreciated that Tim improved on his pitch yet again. And his tone sounded as great as ever – especially in his lower register. But there just wasn’t anything remarkable or exciting about this performance. I think it came down to the song choice. James Bay/Ed Sheeran/Harry Styles type songs are a bit on the nose. I would love to hear him sing something outside of the box – a ballad perhaps? Grade: B-

Berni Harrison | Only Love Can Hurt Like This – Paloma Faith | Team Seal


THIS performance got a standing ovation? Oh my goodness. I get they want to be nice, but I fail to believe that NONE of the four Coaches heard Berni hit a bunch of incredibly noticeable flat notes. I just don’t understand. Sure she showed a huge range, but that doesn’t really mean anything if you can’t sing in tune. Not only was her pitch incredibly inconsistent, but her tone was as well. She sounds like a different person singing each phrase of the song within this performance. This is something I’ve also noticed across all her performances – she never sounds the same, so I don’t know what her voice actually sounds like even this far into the competition. Grade: F

Sarah Stone | Gravity – Sara Bareilles | Team Boy George


This was perhaps the first time I was really touched by a performance so far this season. Everything about this performance was beautiful. Sarah brought a few tears to my eyes, and even managed to make me forget about this overdone song choice. There was so much tenderness and emotion in her delivery that it was impossible to not be drawn in by her performance. Her vocal control was really incredible given her clear emotional connection to the song – only becoming overcome with tears on the last few lines. On a more shallow note, Sarah looked beautiful tonight as well. Grade: A+

Fasika Ayallew | Freedom – Beyonce | Team Kelly


Fasika turned in another great performance tonight. She brought a great intensity with the near acapella intro, and showed some impressive vocal control, never once falling out of tune or out of the pocket. She worked the stage really well as always. But some parts of her tone seemed a little affected tonight – almost as if she was trying to impersonate Beyonce. The band also drowned her out a bit in the chorus, but that’s not really her fault. I enjoyed hearing her on a more current song choice. Like with Tim and Bojesse, I think Fasika is long overdue to sing a ballad, or at least something with some kind of emotion – not just something fun or energetic. Grade: B


Bojesse Pigram | Sing – Ed Sheeran

I feel like Season 6 has exhausted Ed Sheeran’s discography. Please no more Ed Sheeran. That aside, Bojesse’s vocal was really good. His falsetto was on point, and he had a good handle on the song’s tricky tempo. His delivery proved that he can have some fun on The Voice stage. I just don’t think that showing this side of him during his Instant Save Sing Off performance was the best strategic move, though. Grade: B+

Spencer Jones | Skyfall – Adele

THIS is the song choice I’ve been waiting for from Spencer. Why didn’t he perform a song like this for his main performance? It was current, yet suited Spencer’s rock voice perfectly. The grit and power in his voice sounded excellent on the chorus of Adele’s soaring Bond song. Grade: A

Saved: Spencer Jones