Lucy Sugerman vs. Camryn Jordan | Issues – Julia Michaels

On paper, I thought this song favoured Camryn’s indie/pop stylings. And in the performance, she committed just a fraction more than Lucy, and her delivery seemed generally more comfortable. It was also a huge improvement on her Knockout performance. However, in terms of vocal, Lucy hands down won this Battle. Her fuller tone surprisingly worked well on the song’s melody, and she managed to capture to quirky cadence of this song better, while Camryn had some issues with pocket and pitch.

Who should’ve won: Lucy Sugerman

Who won: Lucy Sugerman


Sarah Stone vs. Lyn Bowtell | Why – Annie Lennox

Before the Battle started, I knew I would be sad to see either of these ladies leave. Both of them went toe-to-toe in terms of power and pitch, matching each other note-for-note. While I really loved the world weariness in Lyn’s approach, it was Sarah’s vocal that sent shivers up and down my spine. Her excellent phrasing, tone, and use of different textures were really effective on this heart-wrenching ballad. I still think that both of these women deserved to make it into the Top 12, though.

Who should’ve won: Sarah Stone

Who won: Sarah Stone


Tim Conlon vs. Ellis Hall | Bloodstream – Ed Sheeran & Rudimental

Overall, this Battle was quite manic; there was just a bit too much going on at once. There were issues with both of the singers’ vocals. While I enjoyed listening to Tim’s tone slightly more, he didn’t really bring anything exciting to the mix. But I’ll commend him for improving his pitch, though. And while Ellis’ falsetto was all kinds of hinky, I preferred his vocal overall. He was more adventurous in his approach to the melody, with a powerful growl and better sense of dynamics.

Who should’ve won: Ellis Hall

Who won: Tim Conlon


Russ Walker vs. Spencer Jones | Higher Ground – Stevie Wonder

I’ll start by saying that while Stevie Wonder songs are fun, they’re not really great for a singing competition show. They aren’t very flattering for contestants that cover him. That being said, the two did a pretty decent job at covering Higher Ground. Spencer’s raspy tone was more distinctive on the song, but I don’t even know what notes he was trying to hit with some of his screams. I slightly preferred Russ’ more soulful take. It was more clean and provided a nice contrast to Spencer. Were some of his runs and falsetto work over the top? Certainly. But he nailed every single one of these moments.

Who should’ve won: Russ Walker

Who won: Spencer Jones


James Banks vs. Claire Howell | Rise – Katy Perry

Overall, this Battle felt a little lethargic. I’ll give a free pass to James and Claire, though, because I think this was more of an issue with the arrangement. Claire’s almost theatrical delivery worked well with the drama of the song. She also showcased excellent pitch and range, but was just missing a little bit of power in her upper register. However, I still would’ve put her through over James. While he had more power, and an equally impressive range, his poor enunciation was an issue for me.

Who should’ve won: Claire Howell

Who won: Claire Howell


Bojesse Pigram vs. Sally Skelton | Dancing On My Own – Robyn

I thought both artists did a really great job on this song, both in terms of emotional connectivity and their vocals. I think the song choice definitely favoured Bojesse. But he didn’t disappoint, showing vulnerability and excellent vocal control on his straightforward approach to the melody. While his tone was a little thin at the beginning of the Battle, he started rounding out his tone towards the end, which I appreciated. I think this is the best he’s sounded so far this season. I’ll also commend him for standing his ground in wanting to move forward as a solo artist. Sally, who I only just realized is a dead ringer for JoJo, managed to show off different (and equally beautiful) parts of her voice. While her take on the song was more distinctive, some of her melodic liberties were a little strange. Her tone was as magical as ever, though.

Who should’ve won: Bojesse Pigram

Who won: Bojesse Pigram