Okay, so I thought with that the introduction of the Knockouts, the Battle rounds were fully done away with. But now they’re back? I knew the Voice producers just love to change the rules of the show every season. But changing the rules within the season is something new… We’ll see how these new/old Battle rounds will work next week.

Let’s get recapping!


Lara Nakhle | People Help The People – Birdy

Lara showed so much promise in the rehearsal footage. Seal’s advice to show some dynamics was very astute, and her performance was on the right track. However, this use of light and shade was kind of lost in the actual performance. The sound of her tone was still lovely though. Just a tad too much power on this piano-driven ballad. Grade: B

Russel Francis | Shape Of You – Ed Sheeran

Russel nailed both the pitch and tempo of this tricky uptempo track. However, I wish Russel had invested more in the sexuality of this song. As it was, the performance overall felt quite clean and sterile. That’s not to say his actual vocal was bad though. Grade: B

Annalisse Walker | Clown – Emeli Sandé

Everything about this performance was perfect. Delta nailed it on the head when she spoke about the control she showed. Her vocal towed the line perfectly between restrained and powerful. This was backed up by her vocal – everything from her phrasing, to her pitch, to her emotional connection were spot on. Grade: A

Winner: Annalisse Walker; Russel stolen by Boy George


Taylah Harrington | Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles

Taylah sounded pleasant. And her vocal was pretty decent. But I just wasn’t excited by it. Her vocal kind of flatlined. She made no major attempts to vary up the melody either. And their was a lot of empty space between her phrases that she could’ve ad-libbed in. Grade: C+

Benjamin James Caldwell | Jealous Guy – John Lennon

Honestly, I couldn’t even remember Benjamin’s Blind Audition. So I was pleasantly surprised by this performance. He had a good grasp on pitch, and his tone suited the song really well. His delivery was just really engaging. In another match up, I probably would’ve been happy with him declared as the winner. Grade: B+

Lyn Bowtell | Let It Be – The Beatles

That was until Miss Lyn Bowtell slayed me. She started the song off with her pretty, angelic tone. But then she started slowly building the song up into the climax we expect with the song. She brought tonnes of power and grit, while never missing a note. And that final run was spot on. Grade: A

Winner: Lyn Bowtell


Tommy Harris | Drunk In Love – Beyonce ft. Jay Z

In stripping back this song, he also stripped away all the groove and sensuality with it. This was most evident in his treatment of the tempo. By speeding the song up, it actually worked to take away the energy, and sounded a little clunky and awkward. But his tone was pleasing to the ear, though – I just would’ve preferred to hear it on a different song/arrangement. Grade: C

Michelle Mutyora | Halo – Beyonce

While her vocal was pretty good, there wasn’t anything too revelatory about this performance. On her second Beyonce cover in her short run on the show, she kind of just sounded like a poor man’s version of the singer. I think the song choice was what outdid her though – not something she necessarily had a say in. But she did the best she could with it. Grade: B-

Russ Walker | 1+1 – Beyonce

I can’t fault Russ for his perfect pitch, power and incredible range. But a small note I have with his otherwise flawless delivery was that his performance was just missing a little of the sensuality that makes the song work best. I almost wish he held back a little bit, and added some breathiness in his phrasing.  Grade: B+

Winner: Russ Walker


Anthony Sharpe | Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap

This song’s signature is that high falsetto verse. Anthony only ended up singing one or two lines of it though, and his falsetto disappeared into the ether. So Boy George was right in saying that this song is a hard one to condense into a one minute performance. He showed good power in the song’s soaring chorus, but he definitely hit some bum notes, which were made all the more evident because of the song’s long held out notes. Grade: C+

Kelsie Rimmer | The Day You Went Away – Wendy Matthews

Kelsie’s approach to the melody was really intricate. Little twists and turns, and some exquisite little runs were quite beautiful. The performance was really intimate, and Kelsie showed off her rangy head voice. Her tone was also lovely. But it once again came to the detriment of her enunciation. Grade: B

Nathan Kneen | Burn For You – John Farnham

I’ll start with the positives. He was pitch perfect and effortlessly showed his impressive range and power. But there was almost too much power. The song is a touching, intimate ballad, so requires a softer approach. And his delivery also seemed a little disingenuous and overbaked. Grade: B

Winner: Kelsie Rimmer; Nathan stolen by Boy George


Ruby Jo | This Is What You Came For – Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna

Well colour me surprised, but I actually really dug Ruby’s take on this song. I really don’t the original, but her reimagination of the pop/EDM ditty as a dark indie track converted me. Her vocal was really great as well, and her tone (which I didn’t really enjoy in her Blind Audition) worked well with this rearranged track. Grade: A-

Sam Hale | Four Five Seconds – Rihanna, Kanye West, Paul McCartney

In terms of the vocal, I really enjoyed Sam’s performance. His gritty tone contrasted well with his spot-on falsetto. He managed to capture the vibe really well. Just not with his body. His stage presence was all kinds of awkward. Grade: B+

Berni Harrison | Love On The Brain – Rihanna

Love On The Brain is my favourite Rihanna song, so I was glad to hear it on The Voice. I just don’t think Berni was the right contestant to cover it though. Her cover was missing the sensual, bluesy vibe of the original. And her phrasing and tone placement were also quite odd to me. She did have good pitch, and sat well in the song’s pitch though. Grade: B-

Winner: Berni Harrison