The Voice Australia: Season 6, Knockouts 2


Chloe Kandetzki | Break Free – Zedd ft. Ariana Grande

I quite enjoyed the first two thirds of Chloe’s vocal. She had excellent vocal control and effortless power. But once the electronic track came in, it kind of fell apart. She just pushed the vocal a little too hard in an effort to show off some kind of passion, but this meant that it kind of went off the rails. Grade: B-

Bojesse Pigram | One Last Time – Ariana Grande

Bojesse showed huge improvement on his Blind Audition. I enjoyed hearing him on a more downtempo song, meaning that he could show some restraint. He had good dynamics, pitch, and much better enunciation. He just looked a little bored, so 10% more energy in his performance could do him some good. Grade: B+

Ruva Ngwenya | Dangerous Woman – Ariana Grande

The production really helped elevate Ruva’s performance – the red dress, lighting and wind machine took this up a notch or two. But she brought a great vocal to match. She was smooth and sensual, but also powerful and never missed a note or beat. There’s no other way to put it – girlfriend straight up killed it. Grade: A

Winner: Bojesse Pigram; Ruva stolen by Seal


Rachael Noakes | Love Yourself – Justin Bieber

Another contestant that showed a tonne of growth between her Blind Audition and the Knockouts. Rachael had great pitch and showed incredible range (although a few of her highest notes were verging on shrieky). The highlight was that glissando on ‘admit that I was wrong’, which I loved. Grade: B+

Grace Laing | Cold Water – Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber & MØ

I preferred this performance much more than her Blind Audition. She showed a lot of swag in her delivery and stage presence, and I really liked her run at the end. That being said, there was something a little nasal and strident about her tone. Grade: B

Claire Howell | Let Me Love You – DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber

I really enjoyed her restrained take on this EDM/pop track. Her quiet approach was made all the more better for her stunning falsetto and elegant phrasing. However, the only negative was that her emotional connection just felt a little overbaked and disingenuous. Grade: B+

Winner: Claire Howell


Jesse Tolo-Paepae | Land Of 1000 Dances – Wilson Pickett

The best part of Jesse’s performance was his stage presence. He worked the stage like a seasoned performer. And his raspy tone gave his overall performance more depth. But there was almost too much rasp – to the point where it affected his enunciation. Grade: B-

Arthur Bristowe | Ordinary People – John Legend

I enjoyed hearing Arthur delivering a more restrained vocal. His tone and falsetto worked really well. I just thought it was a little bit lackluster overall. There was just something missing in his emotional connection to the song, and his translation of that to the audience. Grade: B-

Rennie Adams | When A Man Loves A Woman – Percy Sledge

Rennie had tonnes of power and soul on this reality show staple. There was also a lot of passion in his delivery, but his pitch never suffered. However, his stage presence was a little bit stiff. I’m not asking for a Robin Johnson-esque choreographed song and dance number, but some movement would be nice. Grade: B+

Winner: Rennie Adams


Sean & Molly | Battle Scars – Guy Sebastian ft. Lupe Fiasco

Sean’s rap was probably the most exciting part of this Knockout. Molly had pretty good pitch, and some interesting melodic choices. But her tone became a little strident in some spots. The overall performance felt a little messy as well. Grade: C

Joel & Leroy | Never Be Like You – Flume

I’m actually kind of surprised that this 4-chair turning duo didn’t make it through. But Delta made the right choice. The pair were quit flat in their energy level, and their stage presence was equally lacking energy. In stripping back another pop song, they once again omitted key parts of the melody that make the song work. Grade: C-

Tim Conlon | Start Again – Conrad Sewell

There were positives and negatives in this performance. Contrary to the Coaches, I quite enjoyed the verses. Tim showed restraint and a nice (albeit overly breathy) tone, and honed in on his pitch. But once again, his pitch was quite flat again the chorus, in addition to some machine gun vibrato. Overall, an improvement on his Blind Audition, though. Grade: B-

Winner: Tim Conlon


Jasmine Khan | I Don’t Wanna Live Forever – Zayn & Taylor Swift

Jasmine imbued sensuality in this performance with her light, breathy tone and falsetto. I thought she managed the capture the vibe of the song really well. There was a little too much vibrato towards the end, but I enjoyed the vocal overall. Grade: B+

Camryn Jordan | How Far I’ll Go – Alessia Cara

I thought that Camryn did a decent job on a really bad song choice. A Disney princess song for this indie vocalist? No bueno. She had excellent pitch, though. But I don’t think she had quite enough power to match the anthemic chorus. Again, I think this came down to the song choice. Grade: C+

Spencer Jones | I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Steve Tyler

Again with the poor song choices… Spencer didn’t really have a choice but to tackle the song straight up; he couldn’t really change it or do anything dramatically different. So the end result felt a little uninspired and even a bit dated. I have to commend Spencer for the tenderness he showed in the verse, and the power he brought in the chorus. I’ll admit that his falsetto did go a little awry towards the end though. Hopefully Kelly gives him better song choices in the upcoming rounds. Grade: B-

Winner: Spencer Jones; Camryn stolen by Seal


Brittania Clifford-Pugh | Imagine – John Lennon

I think the overall performance just felt underbaked. Brittania needed more fluidity in her phrasing, and could have dug more into the emotional connection. She had a pleasant and clean tone, and a good grasp on pitch. But in the end, I just don’t think she’s ready. Grade: C-

James Banks | Beautiful – Christina Aguilera

James had much better enunciation than in his Blind Audition – but I still want him to work on this. There were some really lovely parts in his vocal, and I really felt his emotional connection to the song. While I enjoyed the restraint he showed, it was almost too restrained. It’s a power ballad, and I kind of wanted to see more passion in his delivery. Grade: B

Hoseah Partsch | Man In The Mirror  – Michael Jackson

I found Hoseah’s soulful tone really pleasing to the ear. I also appreciated his emotional connection to the lyrics. There’s just something so tender and magical in his delivery. He never pushes too hard, or oversings. I look forward to seeing what’s next for him. Grade: A-

Winner: Hoseah Partsch; James stolen by Delta


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