The Voice Australia: Season 6, The Knockouts 1

The Voice producers have decided to combine the Battles and Super Battles in the new Knockouts round. Basically each Coach’s team of 12 is divided into 4 groups of 3. They compete, and a winner is announced between them. Each Coach gets 2 opportunities to steal a losing contestant from another team, leaving 6 members on each team. It’s kind of brutal, but I hope that this means we get more live shows – my favourite part of The Voice.

Let’s get recapping!


Fasika Ayallew | Send My Love (To Your New Lover) – Adele 

Firstly, she looked like and worked the stage like a star. This isn’t my favourite song – Delta could’ve given her a song where she could have sunk into the emotion. She did a great job of sitting in the pocket though, and her tone never suffered on this uptempo track. Grade: B+

Kelly Read | Someone Like You – Adele

Kelly gave us a full soap opera within a one minute performance. She showed good command of dynamics and an improvement on her pitch. However, some of her phrasing seemed to be a direct copy of Adele – evidence that she might not have a clear vision as an artist. Grade: B- 

Judah Kelly| When We Were Young – Adele

A song that has been slayed by other international The Voice contestants (like Fernando Daniel and Billy Gilman), Judah turned in his own impeccable rendition. His pristine yet soulful tone and massive range worked to great effect on translating the emotion in the song’s beautiful lyrics. It was a punch in the gut (in the best way possible). My only complaint was that this 1 minute performance was way too short… Grade: A

Winner: Judah Kelly; Fasika Ayellew stolen by Kelly.


Darcy Thornton | Rather Be – Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne

While Darcy had great presentation and performance skills, her vocal wasn’t my favourite. Her machine gun vibrato started to get on my nerve a little. She also fell behind the beat in the lead up to the song’s anthemic chorus. But I suppose radio’s most successful pop stars aren’t necessarily the best singers though… Grade: C-

Sarah Stone | Running – Naughty Boy ft. Beyonce

Within this one minute performance, Sarah managed to show off all the different and equally beautiful parts of her voice – a stunning falsetto, a strong chest belt, and a well supported lower register. Her incredibly full tone give this pop/RnB song an ethereal vibe, which I worked quite well. Grade: B+

Jesse Dutlow | Latch – Disclosure ft. Sam Smith

I’m not particularly sure why this performance got the hype it did. Jesse had some weird phrasing (‘enchARNted’). The chorus also exposed a lack of control; he struggled a lot transitioning between his falsetto and chest voice. As a result, he hit quite a few bum notes, and the falsetto sounded quite screechy. Grade: D-

Winner: Sarah Stone


He Planned Us | Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Diana Ross

The girls had great harmonies, stage presence, and nailed their solo parts. However, the performance just felt a tad dated. Maybe it was the song choice? I’m not sure. They were just missing the effortless (I hate that I’m using this word) swag they had in their Blind Audition. Grade: B

Lewis Ciavarella | I Can’t Stand The Rain – Ann Peebles

I was happy that Kelly gave Lewis notes on acknowledging key parts of the melody in the rehearsal. But in the actual performance, he kind of threw the melody in the bin. There were also some really weird parts in his presentation on stage. And that creepy laugh at the end will give me nightmares for a week. Grade: D

Gemma Lyon | Ain’t Nobody – Chaka Khan

Gemma is one of those singers that has an accent that somehow only appears when she’s singing. This is made all the worse by her habit of swallowing her words. Her vocal felt uninspired, and the overall performance seemed flat in terms of energy. Also, what the hell was she wearing? I’ll give her points for her solid pitch, though. Grade: C-


Winner: Gemma Lyon


Liz Conde | Alive – Sia

Like Gemma, Liz’s vocal suffers from some odd pronunciation and a habit of swallowing some of her notes. Yes, this song’s soaring chorus requires a tonne of power (which Liz has in spades), but I felt she just pushed it a little too hard that it felt like she was just yelling at me; a few of them fell a little flat as well. Grade: C

Lucy Sugerman | She Wolf – David Guetta ft. Sia

The re-worked arrangement worked really well for Lucy’s beautiful tone. She also had great pitch and control. I just think some parts of the performance were a little too overbaked. But I’m glad that Seal gave her some modern material to prevent her from becoming an ‘old soul teen’ novelty act. Grade: B

Brooke Schubert | Big Girls Cry – Sia

Broooke showcased excellent pitch, a clean tone and incredible vocal control on this Sia track. I just wish that the performance was longer, so that she had more opportunities to play with dynamics and really shine by showing her massive range. The overall effort just seemed a little underwhelming. Grade: B

Winner: Lucy Sugerman


Sally Skelton | Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow – Carole King

Probably the most intimate performance of the evening, Sally soft approach to this beautiful song was very compelling. Not only did she look gorgeous, she sounded gorgeous as well. Some of her odd pronunciation didn’t even annoy me as much as it usually does. Grade: A-

Robin Johnson | Faith – George Michael

Robin once again gave us star quality. He not only had great stage presence, but his restrained vocal was also pretty good. His tone had more rasp than I heard in his Blind Audition. I would like to see him give us a stripped back vocal showcase soon, though – you can’t win a singing competition by only performing uptempo tracks, unfortunately. Showing some dynamics is also a must for Robin. Grade: B+

Ellis Hall | I Need You Tonight – INXS

Ellis had better enunciation than in his Blind Audition, and also pretty good pitch. So I commend him for an overall improvement. However, his vocal road map just felt a little patchy – the different sections didn’t seem to gel well together. I also want him to work on road mapping his phrasing; it’s a little jarring when he sings 2 or 3 notes for an extended section of the song, then randomly pops up into some higher notes. Grade: C+

Winner: Robin Johnson; Ellis Hall stolen by Delta; Sally Skelton stolen by Kelly



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