The Voice Australia: Best Performances (11-20)

With just over a week until The Voice Australia’s sixth season premiere, our countdown of Best Performances is drawing closer to the end! With some great contestants already making it on this list, who will claim the top spot? Come back next week to see!

20. Simi Vuata – Emeli Sande’s Clown (Season 4, Blind Auditions)

Even though I could go on a lengthy rant about the introduction of the Judge’s Save and Team Jessie favouritism in Season 4, I won’t. Instead, I’ll point out Simi’s rangey falsetto, buttery tone and incredibly smooth runs as evidence for his robbery that season.

19. Fatai V. vs. Mitchell Thompson – Skylar Grey’s Love The Way You Lie (Season 1, Battles)

This is just one of those iconic moments that I couldn’t NOT include on this list. Fatai’s rich tone and stunning head voice worked to great effect on this song, but her overall effort was a smidgen too breathy and affected. Thus, I much preferred Mitchell’s more powerful, unadorned vocal in this Battle. Alas, Seal chose the former to advance. With no Steals introduced to the show yet, Mitchell was left without a lifeline and was eliminated.

18. Anna Weatherup – Sting’s Fields Of Gold (Season 2, Blind Auditions)

Reality singing competition shows are often associated with flashy, bombastic performances with countless melismas and soaring glory notes. That’s why stripped back performances like this are so refreshing. Anna’s honest, heartfelt vocal provide a much needed palate cleanser from so many affected or over-the-top performances from the show.

17. Lyndall Wennekes – Jess Glynne’s Hold My Hold (Season 4, Semi-Finals)

No, Lyndall was definitely not my favourite contestant in her season. In her previous performances, my main issue with her was that the tone in her upper register just completely hit my ear the wrong way. But in her final performance of that season, she won me over. On this stripped back arrangement, Lyndall reined it in, and showed fantastic vocal control and a beautiful, much fuller tone in her belt range.

16. Celia Pavey – Joni Mitchell’s Woodstock (Season 2, Showdowns)

Known now as Vera Blue, Celia is one of the biggest acts to come from The Voice Australia. And it’s no accident. This performance showcases her ability to transition flawlessly from a light, wispy head voice to a slightly gritty chest voice. Her ad lib choices towards the end of her Joni Mitchell cover can only be described as magical.

15. Brianna Holm – Coldplay’s The Scientist (Season 5, Super Battles)

On a near-a capella arrangement, this performance allowed Brianna to showcase all the lovely facets of her voice – from her sweet falsetto, to her powerful chest belt, to her stunning head voice. My only complaint about this performance was that it was much too short!

14. Nicolas Duquemin vs. Nina Baumer – Ella Henderson’s Empire (Season 4, Battles)

Full video:

Casting my mind back to Season 4, I distinctly remember not enjoying either of Nicolas and Nina’s Blind Auditions. I figured that I could write them both off as cannon fodder contestants. But this Battle Rounds performance was so incredible that it completely changed my mind about them. Nicolas, who was chosen as the winner, showcased fantastic vocal control and restraint in his melodic liberties. In all honesty, even though she didn’t win, I think Nina wiped the floor. Everything about her vocal was perfection – her smokey lower register, rich belt tone, vibrato, pitch, and those booming high notes. Thankfully she was stolen though (only to get eliminated in the next round, but let’s not go there).

13. Anja Nissen – His Eye Is On The Sparrow (Season 3, Showdowns)

Anja’s pristine vocal on His Eye Is On The Sparrow make this her best performance. It’s easy to see how she took out that season with performances like this, that exhibit a combination of fantastic vocal control, perfect pitch, a huge range, and a great sense of dynamics. If she can perform like that when representing Denmark in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, she could go far in the competition.

12. Tash Lockhart – David Bowie’s Heroes (Season 5, Super Battles)

Another stripped back moment, this performance allowed to Tash showcase her full, rich tone, while also exercising great control. Tash’s choices of when to contrast a soft, whispery falsetto with a stunning belt speak to her incredible sense of dynamics and ability to convey the story of the song’s lyrics.

11. Joe Moore – Damien Rice’s The Blower’s Daughter (Season 4, Top 16)

For the eventual Season 4 runner-up, this was Joe’s defining moment, catapulting him from the middle of the pack, right to frontrunner status. And deservedly so. They way he plays with dynamics in this performance is incredible. Starting at barely a whisper, he establishes an intimate, conversational quality. He works his way up to an incredible glory note, wringing out every ounce of emotion in this moment. Bringing it back down, his use of falsetto on “I can’t take my eyes off of you” is equally heart-wrenching. Without a doubt, this is the best performance of Season 4.

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