The Voice Australia: Best Performances (31-40)

With The Voice Australia’s sixth season premiering in 3 weeks, I thought I’d do a countdown of the best/my favourite performances from the past 5 seasons. Enjoy rewatching these amazing performances, and feel free to let me know which are some of your own favourites!

40. Viktoria Bolonina – Cher’s Bang Bang (Season 1, Top 24) 

Sure there were some pitchy moments, but Viktoria was so invested in the drama of this song. The minimalistic 3 piece accompaniment really accentuated her vocal, taking the performance up a few notches.

39. Casey Withoos – Regina Spektor’s Samson (Season 1, Blind Auditions)

Casey has the honour of being the first ever aired Blind Audition of The Voice Australia. That’s not to take anything away from her talent. The contrast between her sweet head voice and powerful chest belt is magnificent. I still haven’t forgiven Seal for promptly letting her go after her Battle Round with Emma-Louise Birdsall.

38. Jack Pellow vs. Calvin Swart – Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Season 5, Battles)

The laidback, electric guitar-driven arrangement really brought out a gruff, edgy side of Jack’s voice, giving him the win for this Battle. Calvin was no slouch either, with his smoother vocal approach playing to the bluesy aspects of the arrangement.

37. Jackson Thomas – Armin Van Buuren’s This Is What It Feels Like (Season 3, Top 16)

This was a case of the perfect song choice for the artist. Jackson’s alternative-by-way-of-classical voice may not have worked for his other song choices that season. But his dramatic approach to the vocal, soaring falsetto, and the crazy powerful note on “I don’t even know how I’m alive” all meshed together perfectly in this performance.

36. Jac Stone – Suzanne Vega’s Luka (Season 2, Showdowns)

Luka is one of those songs that has a deeper, darker message behind its happy exterior. Jac captured the story of child abuse perfectly in this performance, wrapping her warm husky tone around the song’s powerful lyrics.

35. Kat Jade – Sara Bareilles’ Brave (Season 3, Showdowns)

I’ll be the first to admit that before this performance, I didn’t really enjoy any of Kat’s performances. A combination of her cat ear shtick, and the fact that her coach Kylie Minogue picked her to advance over some better contestants had me feeling some type of way. Yes, there were some iffy notes in her lower register, but she sang Brave with so much bombast, abandon, gusto and maturity that it made me change my mind about her.

34. Nathan Allgood vs. Sophie Phillis – Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko Stay (Season 2, Battles)

When I saw this Battle for the first time on live TV, I was upset that Sophie didn’t win over Nathan. I loved her unique tone, superb melodic choices, and power she brought on the final “And I want you stay”. But after listening back to it, I came to appreciate Nathan’s vocal even more – from his buttery tone, to his pitch perfection (and that perfect on “Something in the way you move”), to his interpretation of the lyric.

33. Jacob Lee vs. Jhoanna Aguila – James Morrison’s You Make It Real (Season 3, Battles)

Admittedly, I actually only really enjoy Jacob’s vocal in this performance. Jhoanna has a really cool, unique tone, but her vocal was quite messy. Jacob, on the other hand, transcended my disdain for the many singer/songwriter heartthrob types we see so often on these shows. He showed off a great sense of dynamics, topped off with that crazy high, shiver-inducing note on “That’s why I’ve been missing you lately”, while never forgetting to deliver emotion.

32. Sarah De Bono – Beyonce’s Listen (Season 1, Top 24)

Okay, after a number of years I can’t deny that there are better covers of Listen from other reality contestants. But Sarah was the first reality show contestant I can remember really rooting for. And that’s not to take anything away from her incredible power and range she showcased in this performance.

31. Robbie Balmer – John Farnham’s Burn For You (Season 3, Showdowns)

It’s quiet, stripped back performances like this that sometimes work best on The Voice. No distractions, but just Robbie’s stunning voice on a beautiful song, accompanied by an acoustic guitar.

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