The Voice Australia: Season 5, Grand Finale

“Season 5’s gone by so quick”, said Delta Goodrem at the top of the show. I wonder why. Maybe it’s because the season has only lasted a little over 2 months. I wish the season could’ve lasted a little longer. I would’ve loved to see more performances from Alfie, Ellen and Tash. Even Adam seemed to be improving, and I wish I could’ve seen him growing over more weeks. While it was Adam’s season to lose, the other three aforementioned contestants gave some killer performances tonight to give him a run for his money. And I really appreciated this. This season’s actual winner Alfie Arcuri clearly outperformed everyone tonight, and he reaped the rewards. Overall, tonight was pretty great. Well, apart from the winner’s singles. More on that later.

A big complaint from me, though, is that they didn’t bring back ANY of the Season 5 contestants to perform. I’m sure they weren’t too busy on this Sunday night. I would’ve loved to see some of my favourites, like Brianna, Kim, Mikaela, Emad, Lane, Jack, and so on, sing once more on the stage. We did see them all run to hug Alfie in the confetti shower though!

And finally, a huge congratulations to Alfie Arcuri!! My favourite contestant has never won, but it has finally happened. I’m so happy for him, and he really did deserve to win.

Let’s get recapping!!


Top 4 Group Performance | Sing – My Chemical Romance

After watching their own interviews during the selection process, the top 4 started the song in their lower registers. All of them delivered great individual solos. The recorded segment transitions into their live performance. There is so much production value. There’s drummers, a crazy light show, and of course there’s pyrotechnics. Their vocals are great, with the help of some off-screen back up singers. Each of their outfits look good too. While I’ve admittedly been a little disappointed with some decisions and eliminations along the way, I’m pretty happy with the final four contestants we have.


Alfie Arcuri & Delta Goodrem | Beneath Your Beautiful – Labrinth ft. Emeli Sande

This was a great song choice for them both. Blue-eyed soul like this is up Alfie’s lane, and I can see him doing great in his career if he continues down this path. While the intro package was all about getting Alfie to harmonize, it was actually Delta who did the harmony in the actual performance. I was happy about this though. Delta really didn’t take this as an opportunity for herself, but to allow Alfie to shine by giving him the melody and plenty of solos (unlike her duet of The Prayer in Season 1 with Rachael Leahcar, where she made the poor girl sing Andrea Bocelli’s part). Only negative was that I didn’t enjoy the odd longline shirt the wardrobe department gave him to wear. Still, I have wanted him to win since the start of the season, and think he could be a success in the industry.

Ellen Reed | Firework – Katy Perry

The second Katy Perry song she’s been given this season, I can definitely see Ellen as a similar pop diva. She nails these rangey uptempo songs. After giving what I believe was the performance of the season last week, this fell a little short for me. This certainly isn’t my favourite song (Why did Jessie pick it by the way? The 4th of July just passed I guess, but I’m still at a loss for this odd song choice), and not one that really suited the moment. Ellen seemed to be genuinely happy and humbled just to be on the stage in the finale. She of course nailed the song, even with its shifts in tempo and crazy range. I wish her all the best in her career.

Tash Lockhart & Ronan Keating | Don’t Dream It’s Over – Crowded House

This might’ve been a good song choice for Tash if it were pitch a little higher to suit her range. Of course, this would’ve been too high for Ronan, or wouldn’t have given him the opportunity to shine vocally. They should have taken this approach, since Tash was meant to be the one highlighted in the performance. Tash’s tone was still sublime, and Ronan of course sounded great (if only because his vocal stood out more). The production was also lovely, with several lit up trees adorning the stage.

Adam Ladell | Superheroes – The Script

Adam definitely has had a push from the production throughout the whole season (such as with the intro package that clearly gave him some help with the voters). Now about the performance. This probably wasn’t his best vocal of the season, especially at the very end when he lost a little control. There’s still a little immaturity in his tone and performance that will likely be ironed out over time. Also, did Andrew Loadsman gift Adam with his awkward dad dancing when he left the show last week? The little kid’s pool the producers probably personally filled up for Adam was a little odd too. However it did give me the most hilarious moment of the broadcast – Sonia laying down a towel for him to wipe his feet on. “Sonia, don’t let the golden child fall over!”, the producers probably shouted in her in-ear.

Tash Lockhart | People Get Ready – Curtis Mayfield

*Check out covers from Crystal Bowersox (American Idol Season 9) and Miss Murphy & Sione Felila (The Voice U.S. Season 2)

Tash has tone for days, and plenty of soul and grit – there is no question; and I love this song. I don’t think they meshed very well. Something seemed a little off in her delivery. I want to be taken to church with this song, but I felt like Tash drove me halfway then asked me to walk the rest of the journey. I just wish she had brought more fire. The vocal, as a result, just lay in one place. Maybe some belting or some runs would have done the trick. I still think her Heroes performance was one of the best this season, so I know she has plenty of potential going into the aftermath of the show.

Ellen Reed & Jessie J | Ain’t Nobody – Chaka Khan

Ellen really proved that she is in the same league as Jessie. They were performing not as a famous singer and a reality show contestant, but as equals. The pair of them showcased great showmanship and vocally threw down the gauntlet. Jessie J, being her vocal powerhouse self, couldn’t help but belt out some crazy high notes. Not to be outdone, Ellen belted out some of her own equally impressive ones. And those bluesy runs from her at the end? Gospel hand was waving in the air, people!

Adam Ladell & Delta Goodrem | True Colours – Cyndi Lauper

Throughout the season, the level of Adam’s performances never quite reached the level of pimpage he received from the production. However, this was the first time it all came together. Adam and Delta both sounded amazing, and this was Adam’s best performance of the season. Why didn’t he perform more ballads like this and Safe & Sound? The song allowed him to work with dynamics, and was a better fit for him than previous rocker-type song choices.

Alfie Arcuri | Catapult – Jack Savoretti

There’s a reason Alfie has been my favourite contestant the whole season. He definitely saved the best performance for the perfect moment, and (combined with the placement of his performances in the show’s order) definitely pushed him over the edge with voters. This is one of the performances of the season. Catapult wasn’t a song I knew going into the finale, but he had me sold on the beautiful melody. The amazing production elevated his stunning vocal. He brought so much passion, his magical tone, amazing belting and a beautiful intricacy. Purely based on the night, Alfie really does deserve to win.


Adam Ladell and Alfie Arcuri into the Top 2 to perform their Winner’s singles.

Ellen Reed and Tash Lockhart eliminated.



Adam Ladell | My Heart Stops With You

Starting on the piano, I was hoping that this song was going to be a ballad – if only to prevent him from leaving the piano and dancing around the stage. The song’s melody was really odd. Adam hit a few bum notes along the way too. The arrangement was equally problematic. The transition into the chorus was really jarring. This weird mid-tempo semi-electronic sound doesn’t really suit him either. I think he could still have a great career if he steers clear of songs like this.

Alfie Arcuri | Cruel

An equally baffling song choice for Alfie. What about Alfie’s performances this season have screamed ‘middle of the road pop song’? At the very least, they could have given him a ballad, which he has excelled at all season. He seemed to struggle with pitch as well. In a less of two evils kind of way, I think I still slightly preferred it over Adam’s song. The song actually went somewhere, with Alfie dishing up song impressive glory notes. I could kinda hear this on the radio (don’t think the show would promote the single enough to have this on the air anyway).


Adam Ladell is the runner-up.

ALFIE ARCURI WINS! (I DIDN’T THINK IT WOULD HAPPEN, BUT IT DID!!). Treat him right, Universal Music!

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