The Voice Australia: Season 5, 16 Best Performances

With the finale airing in less than 24 hours, let’s take a look at some of the stand out performances from this season leading up to Adam Ladell’s inevitable victory. As always, this is based on my taste!

(Note: I’ve decided to only include one performance from a single contestant to include more a spread across the season.)

16. Claire Howell – Who You Are

Photo Source: 9Jumpin

15. Nada-Leigh Nasser vs. Jasmin Jade Nasser – How Come You Don’t Call Me

Photo Source: 9Jumpin

14. Lane Sinclair – Video Games

Photo Source: YouTube

13. Mitch Gardner – Wasn’t Expecting That

maxresdefault (1)
Photo Source: 9Jumpin

12. Marcia Howard vs. Crissy Ashcroft – Wicked Game

Photo Source: 9Jumpin

11. Emad Younan – Only You

maxresdefault (2)
Photo Source: YouTube

10. Jack Pellow vs. Calvin Swart – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

Photo Source: 9Jumpin

9. Nina Ferro – With Or Without You

Photo Source: 9Jumpin

8. The Koi Boys – Sh-Boom

Photo Source: Virtual Class Media

7. Nazzereene Taleb vs. Maddison McNamara – Stole The Show

Photo Source: 9Jumpin

6. Mikaela Dean – Take Me Home

Photo Source: Virtual Class Media

5. Brianna Holm – The Scientist

Photo Source: 9Jumpin

4. Kim Sheehy – Heart’s A Mess 

Photo Source: Daily Examiner

3. Alfie Arcuri – I Can’t Make You Love Me

Photo Source: Daily Telegraph

2. Tash Lockhart – Heroes

Photo Source: 9Jumpin

1. Ellen Reed – Perfect
Photo Source: 9Jumpin

Do you agree with this countdown? Did I miss any of your favourite performances? Feel free to leave a comment or tweet me @trent_vu !

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