The Voice Australia: Season 5, Episode 6

“We really care about the young people on the show.”

This seemed to be the sentiment of the episode, and the season as a whole. However, as evidenced by this episode’s hopefuls, the ‘older’ contestants (i.e. everyone above the age of 21 it seems) wiped the floor. Maybe The Voice producers should raise the age limit next season – just a suggestion!

Speaking of things we don’t need more of… Can The Voice also stop orchestrating drama between these Coaches? Since last week, they’ve been teasing some conflict between Ronan, Delta, Jessie and the Madden brothers which didn’t even happen!! Instead, maybe they should decide to highlight the contestants for a change, or dedicate more segments to more hilarity between the coaches – the mock Blind Audition of The Spice Girls’ Wannabe was pretty hilarious!

Let’s get recapping!

Carmel Rodrigues (Part Of Your World from The Little Mermaid; Team Jessie) My fellow avid Disney fan had my support from the get go. Carmel possesses a bell clear tone and excellent pitch, and as much as I enjoy the song, I wish she had picked a song that would allow her to move outside of her pageanty, dead-behind-the-eyes delivery. Let’s hope that Jessie and Carmel steer clear of other such Disney songs like Let It Go or A Whole New World. Additionally, when she excitedly exclaimed “I sing everything!”, I raised an eyebrow. Let’s hope the two can find a happy balance between The Little Mermaid and her beloved Meat Loaf.

Mikaela Dean (Sigma ft. Paloma Faith’s Changing*; Team Ronan)

*Check out Cath Adams’ cover from The Voice Australia Season 4

While this might not have been the most distinctive audition, Mikaela clearly outperformed a good proportion of other auditioners who got more chairs to turn than she did. Her ability to stay in the pocket on a challenging uptempo track was impressive. Matching this with her great tone and power, this was one of the best vocals of the evening.

Nathan Lamont (John Legend and Meghan Trainor’s Like I’m Gonna Lose You; Team Madden)

While his audition may not have been spotless, I fail to see why Nathan got much tougher feedback than most of the contestants so far this season (especially when at least 75-80% of them had a worst Blind Audition than he did). He took his time to use his beautiful tone to highlight the song’s tender lyrics and threw in some pretty liberties to the melody. It was also nice to hear a stripped back, pleasant arrangement of this usually annoying Meghan Trainor track – definitely a bonus. I don’t remember his first Blind Audition in Season 3, but I’m definitely going to remember this one.

Clancy Dunn (Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love; no chairs turned)

I knew that as the 4th person show this episode, Clancy wouldn’t be making it through. And as an older contestant, he was performing with an additional target on his back. Using all 50+ years of his professional musical experience, he utilized his gorgeous tone to give us a beautiful plaintive performance. This is a true example of an older contestant bring so much life experience and restraint to create a moment. Alas, this wasn’t enough to get a chair turn. #ageism

Micah Rothwell (The Animals’ House Of The Rising Sun*; no chairs turned)

*Check out covers from Haley Reinhart (American Idol Season 10), Jacquie Lee & Briana Cuoco (Battle Rounds on The Voice U.S. Season 5), Kimberly Nichole (The Voice U.S. Season 8), Hannah Huston (The Voice U.S. Season 10).

House Of The Rising Sun is one of my favourite songs and has been performed spectacularly by many reality show contestants, so Micah had big shoes to fill. Unfortunately, his performance came off as a bit underbaked. He started off a bit shaky but hit his stride after the octave jump, where he really showed off his scratchy, bluesy tone. I wish he would have used this octave jump as a spring board to ramp this performance up by playing with the melody to make this into a spectacular and more dynamic performance.

Crissy Ashcroft (Cold Chisel’s When The War Is Over*; Team Delta)

*Check out Jackson Thomas’ version from The Voice Australia Season 3

Using all the emotion culminated from her deployment to Afghanistan and the ensuing PTSD, Crissy once again proved that the older contestants just know how to punctuate a song’s message by conveying its story with a true emotional connectivity. Crissy brought her spotless pitch, great range and power to a song that means a lot to her, making this a definite standout audition from this season.

Kate Van Elswijk (Cherry Ghost’s People Help The People; Team Ronan)

I’m not exactly sure if it was a deliberate decision or not, but Kate sounded a fraction off the beat throughout her performance. Additionally, she needs a little work on her sometimes inconsistent pitch. On the plus side however, there were definitely some pretty moments and she possesses quite a haunting, intriguing tone. Hopefully, Ronan can work to polish Kate into a diamond on his team.

Kayleigh Killick (Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris’ We Found Love; Team Ronan)

A woman who has known sacrifice (she stayed in Australia for her adorable daughter, working as a cleaner to support her), I wish she had sacrificed the uptempo breakdown portion of her performance. That being said, she definitely gave one of my least favourite songs a much needed vocal upgrade with some daring runs and a beautiful tone, especially on the stripped back parts of the Blind Audition. Heck, I even loved her vocals on the uptempo parts as well! Treat her with care Ronan – she could be a real asset for your team!!

Ranking of contestants who made it through (purely my taste!):

  1. Kayleigh Killick
  2. Nathan Lamont / Crissy Ashcroft
  3. Mikaela Dean
  4. Kate Van Elswijk
  5. Carmel Rodrigues

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